How to make the skin of the hands young and beautiful?

skin of hands and ways of its rejuvenation

A woman whose skin is properly and properly cared for looks attractive, and often younger than her age. An exception in female beauty may be the skin of the hands. Her appearance, particularly exposure to negative conditions, easily gives away her age.

Hand rejuvenation is as essential as facial and neck rejuvenation. For this, peeling, care creams, apparatus therapy and injection methods are used. The hands, like a face with a neck, reveal age, so they require the same attention.

It is necessary to properly care for the skin of the hands in order to prolong the youth of it, as well as use prophylactic agents to preserve beauty.

Why does the skin on the hands age quickly?

rejuvenated hand skin

Its appearance depends on the amount of moisture that is retained in the epidermis layer. In a normal state, the humidity should reach 20%. With a loss of moisture of at least 10%, the hands lose their elasticity, dryness appears, and the skin begins to age rapidly.

The sensitivity of the skin and the rapid loss of youth is also due to the fact that the hands are always in motion and perform many functions. Therefore, they, like no other part of the body, are negatively affected. We wash dishes with our hands, wash ourselves, do housework, come into contact with various materials, which can often have a destructive effect on the epidermis.

As for the inner part of the hands - the palms - such unpleasant phenomena as roughness of the skin and the appearance of calluses can appear in these places. Without proper care of the hands, their backs and insides, the skin can become saggy and dry. In order to avoid such troubles, it is important, while performing household chores, to take care of their protection.

Respect for the hands is the prevention of irritation, peeling, dryness and other problems that a person may encounter. Wear protective creams or gloves when working with dirt, in contact with water, chemicals, or when exposed to hot or cold air.

Hand care in salons

The main cause of skin aging is dryness. To prevent their occurrence or start the healing and rejuvenation process, salon procedures offer effective ways. Salon hand care will restore their softness and allow them to remain young for a long time.

Special products that can restore the elasticity, smoothness of the hands and relieve other skin problems are special procedures aimed at restoring the natural regeneration ability of the epidermis.

One of the methods is biorevitalization. In another form, it is called beauty injections and acts to rejuvenate. The principle of operation is to activate the rejuvenation processes with the help of hyaluronic acid. It acts on the cell layer of the epidermis and allows natural moisture to be retained for a long time. Such skin care contributes to the fact that the hands acquire elasticity, smoothness and a beautiful appearance. This is because biorevitalization promotes the natural production of elastin and collagen, essential for health and beauty.

Another high-quality procedure that specialists can offer is lipofilling. It consists of replenishing the volume where the skin most needs to be nourished. The material is specially processed fat cells. The undeniable advantages of such exposure are the absence of allergic reactions and a good external and healing effect. Thanks to this method, you can get rid of wrinkles naturally.

If it is necessary to achieve skin lightening, then in this case you should use a chemical peel, as it allows you to achieve a significant improvement in color, elasticity and moisture retention inside.

Masks for the skin of the hands at home

Skin scrub for rejuvenation

To keep your hands young, beautiful and cared for a long time, it is important that you take proper care of them yourself. Hand masks are easy to make at home.

Homemade scrub. Take any nourishing oil and add an abrasive to it. You can use salt, sugar or, if the skin on your hands is very fine and sensitive, ground coffee, ground rice or oatmeal. Mix the abrasive with oil until you get a thick mass and apply it to your hands inside and behind. After performing several massage movements, hands should be washed with warm water.

Masks for the skin can perform not only cleansing, but also nourishing functions. To do this, you can use such products as sour cream, olive and other oils, cucumber porridge, cabbage, potatoes, tropical fruits and carrots. It is useful to add essential oils of jasmine, ylang-ylang, aloe and others in the complex.

To get rid of age spots and improve skin color, it is useful to make baths with herbs from chamomile, mint and calendula flowers.

Choose the right cosmetics

hand skin rejuvenation cream

Comprehensive care for the beauty of the hands involves the use of products purchased in stores. It should be based on the age characteristics of the skin and its condition. At a younger age, the application of a moisturizer may be sufficient. For middle-aged women, a special serum that stops the aging process and creams that promote cell regeneration are perfect. To always have beautiful and young hands, it is important to regularly use anti-aging products.

Use the cream after each contact with water, earth and other procedures that may affect the skin.

In addition, anyone who is faced with problems such as peeling, irritation, dryness or age spots can significantly improve the appearance of the hands and the condition of the skin with the help of paraffin masks. Procedures with its use can be obtained both in the salon, and by purchasing ready-made kits for independent use. Such skin masks perfectly contribute to the restoration of cells, help to combat negative environmental factors, age-related changes and wrinkles.

Prevention of aging for beauty and youth

Taking care of your body will allow you to prolong the youth and health of the skin for a long time. As a preventative measure against premature aging, always wear protective gloves when hands are exposed to harsh environments or environmental stress. The anti-aging serum should be used 2 times a day, like a moisturizer. Cosmetic preparations or products of natural origin will help preserve valuable moisture, restore cells and fill the skin with nutrients.