Experience of use intenskin

Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I am 53 years old. Today I will write about my experience using a wonderful cream that literally erased several years from my face.

Intenskin Cream Review by Elizabeth from Dublin

Photo of intenskin hand cream from Elizabeth Dublin's reviewI always tried to take care of the skin, my mother also told me that beauty must be protected from an early age. But the older she got, the harder it was to do. At the age of 45, I started thinking about a Botox facelift or injections, which are so popular now, but couldn't decide. First, it costs a lot of money, and second, the result is often far from expectations. Several of my friends went under the surgeon's scalpel, and only in one case could it be said that the operation was not in vain.

And now, six months ago, I ran into my old colleague, about my age. And I was immediately struck by how it looked prettier: the skin is clean, without blemishes, there are no wrinkles, nothing does not even hang down. She clearly looked 10 years younger than me. Of course, he was wondering how she manages to look so good. She was waiting for a story about a healthy lifestyle or anti-aging procedures, but she just smiled and took a bottle of intenskin cream out of her bag.

At home, I rushed to look for information on the Internet. I read several supplemental reviews and finally found a link to the intenskin website where the product could be purchased. I ordered multiple packages at once, luckily there was a discount on the site.

How to use the cream

How intenskin Cream Rejuvenated Dublin Elizabeth

You can use intenskin cream as a regular care product; Just apply it on clean skin in the morning and at night, I was also recommended to apply it before going outdoors in winter, as a protective agent so as not to overcool the skin.

I noticed the first result after a week: the skin became noticeably fresher and the deep wrinkles started to get smaller. Inspired by this effect, I continued to use the regenerating cream, which I do to this day.

After a month, the results became much more pronounced: the contour of the face tightened, the small spots that I took for moles disappeared, the tone and density of the skin increased.

And you can see the result after 6 months of using the cream in the photo attached to the review.

About the cream

The cream is well absorbed when applied, even if it is overdone and spread a little more: the skin seems to eat the cream, after a few minutes nothing superfluous remains. The very texture of the cream is very light and not greasy, even if the clothes are stained, there will be no stains. The smell is neutral, quite pleasant.

After six months of use, I think I can recommend the Intenskin Regeneration and Rejuvenation Cream to every woman who takes care of herself and wants to delay aging as much as possible.